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Our Technical Projects Department offers you the best lighting applications and solutions for Retail, Hotels, Smart City, Offices and much more, ranging from contract and hospitality, to commercial and residential. Our goal is to satisfy our clients that’s why we understand technical requirements of each project and offers a wide and complete range of contemporary and quality luminaires.

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    • Hotel Regente

      In Barcelona, Spain. Suspended lamp SELMA and recessed ceiling LEDA fit perfectly in the hotel hall.

    • Restaurante Tasca Don José

      In Pamplona, Spain. Suspended lamp TANNA to illuminate tables in the dining hall.

    • Authorised dealer BMW

      In Murcia, Spain. Bollards  MAXIMA illuminate the access to the office.

      • Zaga Arquitectura

        In Barcelona, Spain. Suspended lamp FENIX to illuminate office space.

      • Poma Residence

        In Costa Rica. Recessed wall LED DONISI and floor BORA to illuminate exterior areas.

      • Wester Union Center

        In Costa Rica. Floor lamps MAUI and WOOD to illuminate common areas and table lamp STUDY for office.

      • Hotel Ushuaїa

        Ibiza, Spain. Recessed floor BORA, rgb CUP and wall DONISI for outdoors.

      • Xalet del Nin

        In Vilanova i la Geltrú. Spotlights LISBOA, DADO, underwater Rgb LYNN, recessed SOFIA and BELT

      • AliExpress

        Finestrelles Department Store in Barcelona, Spain. Round recessed floor BUIS.

      • Restaurant Exki 

        El Prat Airport Barcelona, España. Pendant Cuska brand EXO, made in wood

      • Condominio Loft Lindora

        Santa Ana, Costa Rica. Outdoor surface CUB, brand DOPO

      • Textura

        Roca del Vallés Barcelona, España. Recessed LUNA with spotlight LAND, brand INDELUZ

      • Museum Voorlinden

        Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Outdoor recessed SURI BIG, brand CRISTHER

      • The Pams Beach Hotel & spa

        Kuwait City, Kuwait. OLVAS, brand EXO to light up your bedroom

      • Restaurante Faborit 

        Barcelona, España. Spotlight HAITI, brand INDELUZ

      • Synergia Business Center

        Torremolinos Málaga, España. Pendant FENIX, brand INDELUZ to light up your office

      • Viladomat Sports

        Escaldes, Andorra. Recessed ATOLON, brand INDELUZ

      • Anemos Luxury Gran Resort

        Creta, Grecia. Outdoor decorative BLOCK, brand CRISTHER