The benefits of tunable white and Human Centric Lighting

To understand tunable white lighting solutions, it is first necessary to know that human life cycles are governed by natural light-dark cycles. These 24-hour cycles affect most living things (including animals and plants) and cause physical, mental and behavioural changes in the organism. These natural processes are known as circadian rhythms..


    Circadian rhythms can have an impact on important body functions, such as hormone release, eating habits and digestion, or body temperature. Sleep patterns are particularly affected by circadian rhythms. The suprachiasmatic nucleus or SCN (located in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus) controls the production of melatonin, a hormone that plays a role in sleep. It receives information about incoming light via the optic nerves, which transmit it from the eyes to the brain. When there is less light (e.g., at night), the SCN tells the brain to produce more melatonin so as to induce sleep.

    The 'Human Centric Lighting' concept

      Human Centric Lighting focuses on creating lighting that puts the user at the centre. Aimed at improving the quality of life and well-being of people, it uses artificial lighting that is as close to natural light as possible.

        To be able to light a space with this concept in mind, tunable white lighting. design is necessary. Thanks to LED technology the intensity and colour temperature of the light can be controlled.


        What are the benefits of applying tunable white in indoor spaces?

          The application of dynamic lighting is mainly related to the synchronisation of solar cycles.. However, it brings many other benefits:

          •It connects indoor and outdoor spaces;

          •It can generate emotions on the users and create spaces for relaxation, work, activity, etc.;

          •It makes it possible to customise spaces with different colour temperatures depending on the activity to be carried out;

          •It helps to optimise light use;

          •It makes spaces more dynamic thanks to the possibility of generating different lighting scenes;

          •It allows us to save energy by adapting the amount of light to the needs of the activity and the time of day.

          Tunable white is highly beneficial in workspaces (offices, schools, etc.) as well as in the hospitality, retail and healthcare sectors. In all of them, lighting can help to create atmospheres for stimulation and alertness and others for relaxation or rest.

          For example, during the central hours of the day, high intensity light with a cooler colour temperature should be used to keep us active and improve our performance. On the other hand, a softer, warmer light has a calming effect and is more suitable for the later part of the day.

          Tunable white by Novolux Lighting

            Novolux Lighting has several product families that offer this solution:

            VIP: a new family of modular downlights UGR<19 consisting of 8 different models (round, square, single, double, framed, frameless...) with IP44 option;

            •PALMA: dindoor downlight IP65 available in 6 different finishes;

            •CARPO: indoor downlight IP65;

            •SILVER: indoor downlight for all types of applications available in 3 different finishes;

            •MINI LUNA: tilt downlight up to 45º with up to 7 different finishes.

            All of these families are available in 10,6W, reach a temperature range of 2700K a 6500K, and are DALI dimmable, allowing not only the colour temperature but also the light intensity to be precisely adjusted to recreate the solar cycle or to modify it if this is beneficial to users.