Lighting as a transforming element of space

At Novolux Lighting, we understand lighting as a transforming agent that not only affects the appearance of the space, but also has a physiological, biological and emotional impact on people. That is to say, it is a vital element to improve not only the physical characteristics of spaces, but also the activities that are carried out there, as well as the well-being of the people that live or spend time in those spaces.

Lighting projects by Novolux Lighting

Convinced of the fundamental role that lighting plays in any project, we have an internal Project Department committed to always offer the best lighting solution for your project.

Thanks to our personalised consultancy service we study the specific needs of each task to provide a solution that meets the requirements of your project.

To contact our Project team, send an email to: [email protected]

Case study of a restaurant in El Raval de Barcelona

A small restaurant in El Raval, Barcelona is a very clear example of how space can be transformed thanks to lighting and the work of Novolux Lighting's team.

    The establishment had to install an extraction tube to comply with the regulations for this type of business, and one of the objectives of this lighting project, apart from meeting the technical and lighting requirements of the space, was to make the tube go unnoticed, as it was more prominent than it should have been.

That is why, thanks to carrying out a lighting project that took into account the needs of this space, it was decided to replace the old extractor hoods with new zig-zag Fenix suspensions from our Indeluz ;catalogue, providing the space with a new lighting design, which transformed the interior design of the restaurant, turning it into a much more modern establishment, drawing attention in a positive way and inviting more clients to enter.


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