The Importance of Technical Lighting in Retail Spaces

A good lighting design in a retail space is essential in order to differentiate yourself from the competition and attract the attention of potential clients.

Although online consumption is going through an exponential growth, traditional commercial spaces still have a lot to say if they use elements such as colour temperature or colour rendering index strategically, as they will be key to how potential buyers perceives us.

To get the right lighting for your retail space, to help you highlight your full potential and that of your products, Novolux Lighting offers you the Indeluz catalogue, a technical lighting catalogue for indoor areas, created precisely for this kind of applications.

Visual merchandising and branding

Visual merchandising is a marketing practice increasingly used in retail spaces to capture the attention of potential consumers, using different spaces, colours, technological elements such as screens or music... and lighting. It brings marketing, design and psychology together, to stimulate purchases by visitors.

Lighting is also an essential factor when it comes to brand image, as it helps to build a recognisable environment for clients, besides enhancing your brand's personality and goals, it helps to generate a differentiated environment.

A lighting design for every space

A good lighting design will help us to enhance the elements we have on display, but it will also help us to optimise client circulation in the point of sale or to dynamise user flow.

That is why it is important to clearly distinguish the different areas of your retail space, to give each one the lighting it requires:

  • Shop windows -> are the first point of contact between the user and your brand. It is very important that in this space your product looks its best and arouses the interest of potential buyers so they enter the store. From a technical point of view, it is very important that the lighting of a shop window has a high Colour Rendering Index, as this will improve the correct appreciation of the products while preserving the aesthetic component. Our adjustable downlights Luna or Sinope, or our Proteus spotlight for example, have different models specifically designed to enhance fashion spaces, or shop windows that display meat, fish, vegetables, bread, etc. Another interesting lighting option for shop windows is to play with different levels of luminous fluxes and optics to create light and shadow effects as desired. Our Enigma spotlight is a good alternative if we want to go beyond flat lighting and focus more or less light on the product and create these effects.
Novolux Lighting
  • Display spaces -> within the retail space, lighting should enhance your product, but at the same time, it should have a very versatile installation to adapt to the design changes of each season. The option of track spotlights or systems is ideal to adapt the lighting to any needs. Our Land or Hidra spotlights offer different installation options and finishes, which are perfect for these types of applications. On the other hand, our new Fall wallwasher spotlight is also a fantastic option to wallwash shelves. One of its main features is that it includes two selectors to select among three colour temperatures (3000K / 3500K / 4000K) and three power options (30W / 40W / 50W), reaching a total of 9 different combinations.
  • Common areas and corridors -> this third and last area is also important, because the lighting chosen for these spaces will directly impact clients' feeling of comfort and will improve (or not) their experience in the store. By correctly lighting these areas, you will be able to control the circuit you want your customer to follow when entering your store. In this case, it is recommended to combine general or uniform lighting with accent lighting. Our Atolon, for example, can be a good option for lighting these spaces. In cases where there is no false ceiling, a good alternative can also be our Haiti spotlight.