Turt and Arrow, the new modular spotlights from Indeluz Lighting

As previously explained, this year the Indeluz Lighting catalogue has been transformed to deliver better lighting solutions for our clients' projects, adding more modularity, quality and design to the catalogue, thanks to the new products that have been introduced.

    The new Turt and Arrow spotlights are a clear example of this. Both are available in CRI90 with 2700K, 3000K and 4000K temperatures, and CRI95 for FASHION applications (3250K). They are also available in 20º, 40º and 55º optics.


    Novolux Lighting

      Turt is available in a size that supports 8.8 and 18.6 wattages. In addition to the size that supports 8.8 and 18.6 wattages, Arrow is also available in a larger model that reaches 27.4W.

        In terms of regulation, Turt offers a wide range of options: on-off, L.C, Push/1-10V, Dali and Casambi. Arrow is available in on-off, Dali and Casambi.

          The main difference between these two spotlights lies in the installation: Turt is a ceiling recessed spotlight and can be either fully or partially concealed inside the recessing box and illuminate from above like a downlight, or it can be fully extracted outside the recessing box to position it up to 80º vertically and rotate 355º horizontally; in the case of the Arrow spotlight, its standard installation is on a track.


            Novolux Lighting

            Both spotlight families are finished in white with chrome reflector and support the use of anti-glare grilles and prismatic filters. These products are particularly aimed to retail applications, among others.