Lighting: A Key Element In Making Outdoor Spaces Safer

Outdoor lighting must adapt to the different spaces within a city , whether public or private. Therefore, a good lighting design will successfully meet the functional, social and emotional needs of the users of these spaces, while being efficient and environmentally-friendly.

There are some trends that stand out in this industry , aiming at improving users' safety in outdoor spaces:

Outdoor spaces for pedestrians

It is becoming increasingly common to find urban spaces in which, for example, vehicle traffic is restricted in favour of pedestrians in order to humanise these outdoor spaces, making them more sustainable and user-friendly. In this new reality, lighting plays a key role in guaranteeing safety, guiding pedestrians to use these new spaces and making them more dynamic, etc.

Novolux Lighting has a wide range of outdoor luminaires, either by Dopo or Cristher , which meet these lighting needs through different models of recessed , bollards , spotlights or wall brackets .

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'Domesticating' outdoor spaces

'Domesticating' the city means making urban spaces friendlier and more welcoming, turning them into spaces where users feel 'at home'. This is why this trend is favouring, for example, the return of warmer outdoor lighting.

Our new Loop range by Dopo, for example, is available in 3000K, as well as our Dion range by Cristher, which has also won a Bronze Delta Award at the ADI 2020 Awards. Other new products this year are the Turret and Dain bollards by Crishter, both of which meet these warm lighting standards to humanise and domesticate outdoor spaces. The latter range also includes a wall recessed version, making different lighting solutions or applications with the same design available.

Design with quality guarantees

When talking about cities, it is very important to focus on the user, but luminaire's design should not be forgotten, as they will be part of this outdoor space that needs to be friendly and welcoming. However, technical quality should not be neglected, as design and technical quality are not mutually exclusive, but rather the opposite.

This year, Cristher has enriched its urban lighting offer by adding two new ranges and expanding two others. Vent eVent is one of the new ranges. It features a vent that makes the luminaire moisture-proof. On the other hand, Fender is the other new range and it features a mobile arm and ±15º orientation which make it possible for it to adopt two different positions. Lastly, the expansion of the Vico and Arya ranges has focused on increasing power and including 3000K and 2700K versions, respectively.