Lighting homes with TEXTURA

The brand TEXTURA, specialists in home textile design and decoration, has chosen Novolux Lighting to illuminate its shops in La Roca Village (Barcelona), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria), Granollers (Barcelona), Vic (Barcelona), Sitges (Barcelona) and Andorra.

    A fundamental factor had to be taken into account in this project: the brand values oriented to the principle "enter textura and feel at home, you are at home". It was therefore very important to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

    In line with the brand's products and materials, both shops needed high levels of lighting to be able to display their products correctly, to reproduce the colours in an optimal way and for the whole shop to have uniform lighting. To achieve this goal, the following were installed:

    Track spotlights: LAND: They achieve high output and flux in a very compact size. Their three available opening beams allow both flooding light and highlighting specific products or spaces. The variety of accessories also makes it possible to customise the lighting solutions.

    Novolux Lighting

    Recessed LUNA: The option of incorporating a special LED for clothing with a colour rendering of CRI95 and its great adjustability make it a perfect luminaire for medium/large sized shops. It can also be dimmed to suit different situations and environments.

    Pendant A TU ESTILO: This luminaire added value to the space by allowing different lamps to be combined on different levels to create more decorative areas.

    This combination of luminaires was chosen for the warmth of the space, while maintaining optimum colour rendering of the products.

    The lighting effect created by the Land track spotlight with the Luna recessed luminaires can be seen below.

    Novolux Lighting