Recomendations for use and installation floor recessed

In the case of recessed luminaire installations, they must always be set up by qualified personnel, taking the utmost caution and in accordance with the mounting instructions attached to the product and in accordance with the electronic installation standards of current regulations. Taking into account in this type of installations:

1- Always avoid placing the lights in valleys or depressions of the ground. (See attached images 1 and 2)

2- It is essential to carry out an efficient drainage for all the devices (25 to 30 mm gravel sand) in order to avoid water stagnation at the bottom of the furrow where the devices are installed. A correct drainage should allow the absorption of 5 liters of water in 8 minutes. (See attached images 3 and 4)

3- With regard to appliances embedded in cement or concrete and taking into account the tendency of these materials to undergo expansion or compression due to changes in temperature, it is necessary to provide an expansion coating and make sure that the groove is perfectly level with the pavement.

4- The connection between the devices must be made using a flexible cable type H05RN-F or H07RN-F in order to facilitate the maintenance of the devices and avoid stress on the cable glands during installation. The installation instructions for each product must be respected, avoiding the installation of several cables through a single outlet or the installation with single-pole cables. Likewise, the use of watertight connectors is recommended in underground installations in order to avoid possible damage due to humidity.

5- Follow the assembly instructions carefully during installation and maintenance operations.

Novolux Lighting

When changing the lamps, the joints should be cleaned prior to closing the luminaire to avoid the accumulation of earth and/or grass

Novolux Lighting