How to properly illuminate a workspace

As workspaces have changed, lighting designs must adapt to the new needs of users and to their activities.

Good lighting in a working environment will improve employees' sense of well-being, connect the environment with users' emotions, increase productivity, and lead to significant energy savings.

New workspaces

In general, new workspaces are more dynamic and diaphanous, requiring flexibility to adapt to the needs of workers who have also changed the way they work. Some examples of this change are coworking spaces, where mobility and knowledge exchange are vital; rest areas, to disconnect or recharge batteries; or meeting rooms, where employees carry out collaborative work or, on the contrary, other tasks that require other types of concentration.

Therefore, in order to achieve this flexible lighting solution, apart from adapting the necessary technical aspects such as shade or level,, , it is important to take into account: the person who will use workstation,the task that will be performed, and the time of day.

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    Types of lighting solutions for workspaces

    There is more than one good option for lighting work areas, specially when talking about the flexibility of these spaces. However, a good strategy may be to light up circulation areas and work areas, separately in order to create a hierarchy of spaces, while trying to ensure uniformity and visual comfort in work areas.

    Zenithal ceiling lighting is recommended, but it can be a recessed, surface or suspended installation. It is likely that the aesthetics of the space, its physical characteristics, and the tasks being carried out, will be of help in deciding what type of lighting solution is best.

    The best office luminaires

    ¡Novolux Lighting has a technical lighting catalogue for indoor spaces, the Indeluz , catalogue, featuring all types of luminaires suitable for lighting efficient and comfortable offices

    For example, the Mab and Splat models can be installed in modular ceilings, making them the perfect general lighting solution, with UGR<19.

Novolux Lighting

    The entire Fenix range is also a good option for lighting any workspace, as it is very versatile thanks to its different sizes, accessories, and installation options.

Novolux Lighting

    In addition, all these models can be dimmed using DALI to comply with energy-saving measures when close to façades that already enjoy natural light.