How to illuminate my restaurant to attract more customers

For a restaurant, having a good gastronomic offer is key to attract customers, but the aesthetics and the atmosphere of that space will also have an effect on the interest and influx of diners.

Choosing the right lighting and a certain style of luminaires for your restaurant, bar or cafeteria will be crucial, as it will determine a large part of the interior (and exterior) design of the business.

Novolux Lighting

    Choosing the right atmosphere and aesthetics

    It is important to be clear about the atmosphere desired in your bar or restaurant, because lighting will be one of your greatest allies to achieve this. Apart from generating a certain atmosphere, keep in mind that lighting will also influence the comfort or sensations of customers, as their physical, biological and emotional state will not be the same if the lighting is more subtle or brighter, or if it is warmer or colder, etc.

    Regarding colour temperature, in bars and restaurants it is advisable to choose 4000K natural light for a daytime atmosphere. However, for a more intimate and relaxed night atmosphere, it is better to choose warm lighting that ranges between 2700K and 3000K.

    Another point to consider is the type of lamps to illuminate your business, because they can either be the star of your space, giving it a unique personality or, on the contrary, they can go completely unnoticed. The latest trends featuredmore industrial or vintage styles, others are more minimalist with exposed light bulbs, and there are some where more natural materials, such as wood, prevail.

    In our EXO catalogue of decorative lighting, you will find solutions for all tastes. Just to mention a few options, our Cuska Vintage o Elga, families can respond to different styles, providing your business with personality and design.

    To each zone its light

    Another important aspect to bear in mind when illuminating your bar or restaurant is that each area will have different lighting needs and, therefore, the lighting has to be adapted to the requirements of each space.

    Lighting for tables: whenever possible, choose a more spot type of lighting over tables; this will help to separate that corner from the rest of the space and will create a more intimate and secluded atmosphere. Remember there should be a distance of about 70-75 cm between the tables and lamps.

    Lighting of common areas: will depend on the type of business. In the case of a more intimate bar or restaurant with a darker atmosphere, the idea is probably to add some soft light points with a more signal function. But in the case of a brighter space, a more general type of lighting will work well, and there is the option of "hiding" the light sources in the ceiling or choosing a more eye-catching element that gives personality to the establishment.

    Kitchen lighting: the kitchen is a working space, and in these cases, a natural daylight (4000K) that favours the attention and well-being of the cooks is recommended. It is also important to have a good colour rendering index to avoid distorting the colour of the food.

    Bar lighting it is a specially attractive area, so lighting should enhance it. Prioritise illuminating the surface of the bar with a spot type of light. Spotlights or suspended lamps are usually the most common choice for these spaces.

    Novolux Lighting has a Project Department that offers a customised consultancy service to always provide the best lighting solution for your project.. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help to create the lighting design of your restaurant.