How to make my terrace more appealing with good lighting

The main elements to create a good outdoor space on a terrace are basically three: good space layout, quality furniture and excellent lighting. In this article we give you some clues about this third point...

Luminaire trends for outdoor areas

In general, everything that evokes 'naturalness' (i.e. natural or recycled materials such as wood, wicker, cork, iron, etc.) is trendy. This is clearly reflected in all types of furniture or decorative elements such as lamps. The aim is also to create a sense of wellbeing in the user, such as a dimmer light that brings a sense of calm and peace, away from brighter and harsher lighting.

There are actually many factors to consider when choosing the elements that make up our terrace, but the most obvious would surely be to have quality materials and if you want to give a "plus" to the space, to have design materials.

At Novolux Lighting you will find products that meet both premises, whether in the Dopo or in the Cristher catalogue.

Novolux Lighting

    Bar and restaurant terrace lighting

    If you own a bar or restaurant terrace and you want to be successful this summer, keep these four key objectives in mind:

    • Draw the attention
    • Make a very good first impression
    • Offer a pleasant atmosphere
    • Strike a balance between comfort, aesthetics and functionality

    Did you know that lighting has a lot to say regarding these four points? First of all, having a well-lit terrace will attract a greater number of people and, bear in mind that there are no second chances for a first impression. Therefore, do everything you can to make the first contact with your future customer as positive as possible, and good lighting will surely be in your favour.

Novolux Lighting

    On the other hand, once you have caught their attention and offered a good first image, it is important to generate a pleasant feeling of well-being for the customer so that they stay longer on your terrace. This feeling will be achieved if you find balance between attractive lighting and functional lighting.That is, a lighting that is pleasant and aesthetically beautiful, but at the same time, does not hinder the activity that takes place in that space. It is clear that there are other elements that will influence the customer (the service of the staff, the quality of the products, etc.) but everything adds up, and so does lighting!

    At Novolux Lighting, we recommend you portable rechargeable lamps such as Litta or Blomma or Aida's table lamp to to create intimate atmospheres, or garlands, such as Portofino to achieve a more general lighting.

    Lighting on domestic terraces

    In domestic environments there are no written rules, because everyone's taste is different! But it is advisable to take into account some premises similar to those of bars and restaurants. For example, keep in mind that the lighting must be functional for the correct development of the activities you want to carry out, but at the same time do not forget that it should also crate a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

    Portable lamps as Bubble or Liss, are worth mentioning because of their versatility of use, as well as the solar lights for its versatility of installation, because they can illuminate areas where electric wires are very difficult or impossible to install.

    Here's a tip: try playing with lights and shadows to create different spaces and atmospheres to highlight the elements of your choice or to make them stand out from their surroundings.