The benefits of ceiling fans

With the onset of swelteringly hot summer days, there are many who try to remedy the situation by looking for cooler spaces. What if it was not necessary to leave home to find that little oasis? Did you know that Novolux Lighting has just the solution you're looking for? The Exo catalogue offers a section featuring ceiling fans.

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Ceiling fan vs. air conditioning

There is a lot of debate about whether it is better to use ceiling fans or air conditioning. From our point of view, the first option offers many more advantages than those offered by air conditioning appliances. Let us tell you about it:

  • Reduced consumption = greater savings. Ceiling fans consume much less energy than air conditioning, which makes them much cheaper. A fan running at high speed consumes, on average, less than a 100 W light bulb, and can even result in savings of up to 47% compared to other cooling appliances. In addition, the purchase price also tends to be much more affordable.
  • Easy installation and maintenance. While air conditioning requires installing ducts, external devices, etc., fans are much easier to install; they only need a power socket on the ceiling. In addition, although there are materials that require more maintenance than others, they are all designed so that it is kept to a minimum and can be cleaned with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the finish. Fans with wooden blades, for example, are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, etc., but if you want to put one in the kitchen, polycarbonate or metal fans are better.
  • Decorative and versatile. A fan can act as a decorative element within the space. This is not the case with air conditioners. Also, unlike other cooling devices, a fan can be installed in any room in your home, making it a very versatile cooling option. On the other hand, it is interesting to note that a fan is not only suitable for summer, but can also be useful in winter. Although fans are normally used to cool a room by moving air around, there are some models that have the opposite function. This feature enables the rotating blades to take hot air and distribute it around the room, so that the room can be heated more quickly and thus contribute to minimising energy consumption.
  • Different models depending on the space. Although air conditioning equipment has fairly standard models regardless of the type of room to be cooled, depending on the desired space to place the fan, the latter should have one diameter or another. The size of the blades is also important. For example, for rooms up to 13 m2, the fan's diameter must be less than 107 cm; for rooms between approximately 13 and 17 m2, a diameter of approximately 107 to 132 cm should be considered; finally, if the room measures between approximately 17 and 28 m2, the fan's diameter should be greater than 132 cm. To optimise performance and ensure proper operation and air circulation, the fan should be installed at least one meter from the wall from the tip of its blades. And, to comply with recommended safety measures, the equipment should be approximately 2.6 metres above the ground. For outdoor spaces such as terraces or porches, another type of IP44 fan should be considered, which are ready for any possible environmental adversities.
  • A healthier choice. If the health and wellness of users who use one or other method of space cooling is a priority, it is clear that the fan is much less aggressive than air conditioning. A fan will never give you a sore throat, make you lose your voice, or give you a cold... the same cannot be said for air conditioning. This point is always very important, but even more so when there are children or elderly people in the home.
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Fans with lighting

The benefits of ceiling fans are wide-ranging and it is clear that they do not stop here. Ceiling fans can also be a wonderful option to solve not only a space's air conditioning, but also its lighting.

Novolux Lighting offers several different models of decorative fans with lighting that will surely adapt to your needs. Check out the different options in the Exo catalogue. Which one appeals to you the most?